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Beijing north shing JHF animal drinking water system maintenance project - purified water equipment maintenance

Purified water system since 2016 has been installed to the now for more than 5 years time to run stable, in order to later system stable operation and Suggestions on the system for regular maintenance. Maintenance project work content:

1, according to the maintenance service content listed in detail, for the maintenance service plan;

2, arrange at least once a month the scene maintenance, maintenance, maintenance;

3, annual replacement of quartz sand, activated carbon, to ensure the water quality;

4, each equipped with supplementary resin, to guarantee the water softening index;

5, maintenance personnel every six months the pretreatment control valve action is checked, to ensure they work;

6, every quarter for cleaning equipment;

7, each quarter of dosing pump inspection, to ensure they work;

8, monthly soft water hardness test, direct judgment soft water hardness results, confirm whether normal operation control valve group, whether the resin failure;

9, to clean the uv lamp every quarter, annual change the uv lamp;

10, once finish 1 year purified water testing water samples and inspection work, at least to collect equipment outlet, water mouth water samples of 2 or more, and to provide the qualified inspection reports issued by national authoritative organization;

11, quarterly maintenance, reported to the main components operation condition, put forward reasonable Suggestions;

12, every year chemistry or ozone disinfection of the original, pure water tank cleaning, reduce bacteria growth, prevent the secondary pollution of product water;

13, commitment to general breakdown maintenance 8 hours door-to-door service, emergency breakdown maintenance 4 hours door-to-door service;

14, free to the customer for equipment operation and maintenance training, and provide relevant equipment in detail;